Preliminary programm IPSC-2019 (PDF)

Sunday 24th March

15:00 -18:00


18:00 - 18:30

Opening Ceremony

  • Hartwig Schulz (Chair IPSC-2019, JKI, Germany)
  • Frank Ordon (President JKI, Germany)
  • Karl Mühling (President DGQ, Germany)
  • András Gorzsás (Head ISPS, Umeå University, Sweden)

Ca. 18:30

Plenary lecture

Spectroscopy in plant-animal interactions: Looking at the natural world as a herbivore
William Foley

Ca. 20:00


Monday 25th March

Session 1: NIR Spectroscopy / Imaging (AM)

01-01 - Plenary lecture
Hand-held vibrational spectrometers: state-of-the art instrumentation and novel applications
Heinz Siesler

01-02 - Invited lecture
Recent advances in vibrational spectroscopic imaging studies of medicinal plants
Christian Huck

Running a network of NIRS instruments for forages and other plant materials - Quality control
Peter Tillmann

Application of NIR technology to predict minor components in raw and processed potatoes
Inga Smit

Fluorescence ratiometry and NIR transmission in combination allow in-situ analysis of leaf apoplastic pH under controlled changes of leaf water content 
Hartmut Kaiser

Contribution of infrared spectroscopy to evaluate the variability of quality traits of the fresh and processed apples
Weije Lan

Lunch break / Lunch & Learn Bruker

Session 2: Hyperspectral Imaging (PM)

02-01 - Plenary lecture
Hyperspectral imaging in combination with chemometric data analysis - a powerful tool in the quality control of herbal medicines
Ilze Vermaak

02-02 - Invited lecture
Multiscale and multimodel spectral imaging for mapping cell wall polymers in plant organs
Marie-Françoise Devaux

Autofluorescence multispectral image analysis at the macroscopic scale for tracking wheat grain tissues: a novel approach for a more specific identification of wheat grain dietary fibre
Fabienne Guillon

Early detection of the grapevine disease Esca using hyperspectral sensors
Nele Bendel

Detection of anomalies in bulk materials using hyperspectral imaging
Julius Krause

Visual quality assessment of black cohosh using hyperspectral imging and chemometrics
Sidonie Tankeu

General meeting of DGQ members

Tuesday 26th March

Session 3: Raman Spectroscopy / Imaging (AM)

03-01 - Plenary lecture
Raman imaging of plant cell wall: where we stand and how to move forward
Notburga Gierlinger

03-02 - Invited lecture
Raman spectroscopy combined with AFR reveals complexity of carotenoid samples
Malgorzata Baranska

In-capsule quantitation of EPA and DHA by handheld Raman spectroscopy: fish oils to algal oils
Daniel P. Killeen

Lignin - I see you!
Peter Bock

Combined bioorthogonal labeling, Raman spectroscopy and fluorescence histochemistry provide detailed spatial information on lignification in plant cell walls
Anne-Sophie Blervacq

Chemical signature in xylem cell wall of Salix glauca L. due to Eurois occulta L. outbreaks
Lisbeth Thygesen

Raman spectroscopy shows adaption of pollen composition in Poa alpina
Sabrina Diehn

Lunch break / Lunch & Learn WITec GmbH

Session 4: FTIR Spectroscopy (PM)

Plant roots and FTIR ? analyzing species composition and root biomass in peat soil
Petra Straková

Vibrational spectroscopy of pollen as a tool for reconstructing solar-ultraviolet irradiance
Boris Zimmermann

MD Dating ? Dating of wood based on its molecular decay (MD) measured using FTIR spectroscopy
Franziska Reiter


Quantitative FTIR imaging displays the sucrose landscape within and along its allocation pathway
André Gündel

ATR-FTIR imaging reveals cell wall layer-specific chemotypes in poplar tension wood
Clément Cuello

Nano-FTIR Spectroscopy of in situ and extracted silica phytoliths
Victor Manuel Rodriguez

Understanding the formation of highly durable heartwood in Larch by use of Synchrotron infrared imaging and
multivariate resolution techniques
Sara Piqueras Solsona

Poster session

Wednesday 27th March

Session 5: Chemometrics and Remote sensing (AM)

05-01 - Plenary lecture
Multivariate analytical strategies for spectral data of plants
András Gorzsás

05-02 - Invited lecture
Experimental design considerations for developing spectroscopic calibration models of plant material
Claudia Beleites

Measurement uncertainty for NIRS measurements
Peter Tillmann

Identification and quantification of heartwood extractives of Norway spruce (Picea abies) and hybrid larch (Larix gmelinii x japonica) clones using GC-MS and MCR-ALS
Sophie Füchtner

Establishment of a field spectral library of agricultural crops in Germany for monitoring biophysical parameters at different spatial scales
Heike Gerighausen

Forest regeneration after fire in semi arid land in the north west of Algeria - analysis with remote sensing data
Ahmed Zegrar

Lunch break  / Lunch & Learn Agilent Technologies GmbH

Session 6: GC- / LC-MS profiling (PM)

06-01 - Plenary lecture
Cheminformatics tools to query metabolomics across species genotypes and metabolic modules
Oliver Fiehn

06-02 - Invited lecture Climate effects: changes in the tea metabolome
Albert Robbat

Metabolomics as tool to improve food quality
Roland Mumm

Oxylipidomics ? large scale determination of oxidized lipids using high res MS and MS/MS
David Riewe

Effect of volatile organic compounds and taste-related primary metabolites on sensory perception of tomato cultivars in organic low-input system
Cut Erika

Vast amount of metabolites determined by UPLC-MS from Scots pine roots associated bioactive endophytic fungi
Jenni Tienaho

Social dinner - boat tour on the river Spree
(Departure ca. 19:00)

Thursday 28th March

Session 7: NMR spectroscopy / MS imaging (AM)

07-01 - Plenary lecture
NMR in plant science - methods and selected examples
Bernd Schneider

07-02 - Invited lecture
An overview of NMR applications in metabolite profiling of small molecules for plant metabolism studies
Catherine Deborde

From Arnica montana to Taraxacum koksaghyz - NMR-based metabolite profiling supporting breeders
Roland Geyer

07-04 - Plenary lecture
MS Imaging in plant analysis
Ales  Svatos

11:40 - 12:30

Various remarks
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12:30 - 13:00

Closing remarks
Hartwig Schulz

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