Preliminary time schedule for IPSC-2019

Sunday, March 24

ca. 15.00    Registration (conference centre)
ca. 18.00    Opening ceremony (welcome addresses etc.)  (Schulz, Gorzsas, Mühling)
ca. 18.30    Plenary lecture: "Spectroscopy in plant-animal interactions": looking at the natural world as a herbivore" (Foley)
ca. 20.00    Icebreaker

Monday, March 25

08.30    Plenary lecture: "Miniaturization in vibrational spectroscopy: state-of-the-art instrumentation and novel applications" (Siesler)
09.10    Short lectures
13.00    Lunch break
14.30    Short lectures
17.30    Poster session
19.30    Dinner

Tuesday, March 26

08.30     Plenary lecture: "Raman imaging of plant cell wall: where do we stand and how to move forward"? (Gierlinger)
09.00     Invited lecture: "Multiscale and multimodel spectral imaging for mapping cell wall polymers in plant organs" (Devaux)
09.30     Invited lecture: "Raman microscopy combined with AFM to get a deeper insight into complex biological samples" (Baranska)
10.00     Short lectures
13.00     Lunch break
14.30     Plenary lecture: "Multivariate analytical strategies for spectral data of plants" (Gorzsás)
15.10     Invited lecture: "Experimental design considerations for developing spectroscopic calibrations of plant materials" (Beleites)
15.40     Short lectures
17.30     Poster session
19.30     Dinner

Wednesday, March 27

08.30    Plenary lecture: "Cheminformatics tools to query metabolomics across species, genotypes and metabolic modules" (Fiehn)
09.10    Short lectures
13.00    Lunch break
14.30    Plenary lecture: "NMR in plant science - methods and selected examples" (Schneider)
15.10    Invited lecture: "An overview of NMR applications in metabolite profiling of small molecules for plant metabolism studies" (Deborde)
15.40    Short lectures
17.30    Poster session
19.00    Social event/Dinner (Boat tour on the river Spree through Berlin with dinner on board)

Thursday, March 28

08.30    Plenary lecture: "Hyperspectral imaging in combination with chemometric data analysis - a powerful duo in the quality control of herbal medicines" (Vermaak)
09.10    Invited lecture: "Recent advances in vibrational spectroscopic imaging studies of medicinal plants" (Huck)
09.40    Short lectures
12.00    Summary of poster highlights (Meiners)
12.30    Closing remarks (Schulz)

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